Bees and wasps independently invent the same architectural tricks

From AUBURN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS 28/07/23 At first glance, the hexagonal cells build by honey bees and social wasps may seem similar, but they are significantly different. Honey bees build using wax, whereas wasps use paper. Honey bees build their double-sided combs vertically, whereas wasps build single-sided comb horizontally (i.e., the opening […]

Up-turned pyramid Earthscraper concept

By Charles Carter, 02/10/22 In 2009, Mexican architecture firm BNKR dreamed up an underground Earthscraper concept for Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City. It aims to provide new commercial and living space while respecting the character of the historic area. The plaza is in need of new infrastructure but no empty plots are available, […]