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US studio Rafael Viñoly Architects revealed plans last week for a new international airport terminal at the Aeroporto Amerigo Vespucci in Florence, Italy, complete with rooftop vineyard.

The terminal integrates a 19-acre working vineyard and a 50,000 m2 building with a capacity for over 5.9 million passengers annually, designed to enhance the urban context and pay homage to Tuscan heritage.

The 38 row vineyard will be cultivated and harvested by one of the region’s leading vintners and the wine will be crafted and aged on-site in specialized cellars below the area. 

The project includes a reoriented and lengthened runway, and according to ArchDaily website, is set to complete its first phase in 2026 and the second in 2035.

All image credits Rafael Viñoly Architects

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