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Canada-based Oneka Technologies (f. 2015) has developed a wave-powered desalination machine, using wave-pressurised seawater for reverse osmosis filtration, eliminating the need for electrical input, chemicals, or greenhouse gas emissions.

The units are anchored to the ocean floor and come in four sizes: IceCube-class (1m3 of fresh water per day), P-class (10m3 per day for 20 to 300 people daily), Iceberg-class (50m3 p/d for 100 to 1500 people), and the under-development Glacier-class (500m3 p/d).

The waste brine produced by the device has 50% higher salinity than saltwater and is released back into the ocean, with freshwater pumped to shore.

Demonstrations have been conducted at the company site in Florida and a partner project in Chile in 2023, with an upcoming demo planned for California.

All image credits Oneka Technologies

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