Hummingbird wind turbine

From Superinnovators 06/02/24 Tunisian company Tyer Wind (f. 2017) unveiled a curious wind turbine in 2017 that emulates the flapping motion of hummingbirds to generate electricity. The turbine features two carbon fiber wings, each 1.6 meters long, that operate in a figure-eight pattern to convert kinetic wind energy into clean power. The pre-industrial model, tested […]

Wave-powered desalination machine

From Superinnovators 06/02/24 Canada-based Oneka Technologies (f. 2015) has developed a wave-powered desalination machine, using wave-pressurised seawater for reverse osmosis filtration, eliminating the need for electrical input, chemicals, or greenhouse gas emissions. The units are anchored to the ocean floor and come in four sizes: IceCube-class (1m3 of fresh water per day), P-class (10m3 per […]

New low-energy method for purifying drinking water could be used in disaster zones

From University of Bath 02/10/23 Scientists have developed a new method that converts seawater into drinking water that could be useful in disaster zones where there is limited electrical power. The most popular method for removing salt (sodium chloride) from sea water is reverse osmosis, which uses a porous membrane that allows water molecules through […]