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Tunisian company Tyer Wind (f. 2017) unveiled a curious wind turbine in 2017 that emulates the flapping motion of hummingbirds to generate electricity.

The turbine features two carbon fiber wings, each 1.6 meters long, that operate in a figure-eight pattern to convert kinetic wind energy into clean power.

The pre-industrial model, tested in Tunisia, achieves a power output of 1kW and covers an area of nearly 1.11 square meters.

In a 2022 interview with datatechvibe, co-founder Anis Aouini said they aimed to bring the turbine to market by 2023 with 250kW and 1MW versions, and produce a 2MW unit by 2026, but there have been no updates since.

Note, the company’s URL currently takes you to a gambling site.

All image credits Tyer Wind

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