Powerless mechanoluminescent touchscreen underwater

A team from Pohang University of Science and Technology has developed a pioneering optical display technology using afterglow luminescent particles, enabling the underwater writing and erasure of messages, according to their study published in Advanced Functional Materials.

Hummingbird wind turbine

From Superinnovators 06/02/24 Tunisian company Tyer Wind (f. 2017) unveiled a curious wind turbine in 2017 that emulates the flapping motion of hummingbirds to generate electricity. The turbine features two carbon fiber wings, each 1.6 meters long, that operate in a figure-eight pattern to convert kinetic wind energy into clean power. The pre-industrial model, tested […]

Wave-powered desalination machine

From Superinnovators 06/02/24 Canada-based Oneka Technologies (f. 2015) has developed a wave-powered desalination machine, using wave-pressurised seawater for reverse osmosis filtration, eliminating the need for electrical input, chemicals, or greenhouse gas emissions. The units are anchored to the ocean floor and come in four sizes: IceCube-class (1m3 of fresh water per day), P-class (10m3 per […]

Amphibious high-speed motorcycle

From Superinnovators 06/02/24 UK-based Gibbs Amphibians (f. 1998) unveiled the Biski on Oct 14, 2015, a single-seat, twin-jet HSA (Hill Start Assist) motorcycle capable of traversing both land and water. Measuring 2.3m in length and less than 1m in width, the Biski is the most compact and technically advanced model in Gibbs’ high-speed amphibious vehicle […]

Copenhagen’s Circle Bridge encourages mindful cycling

Circle Bridge from above. Credit: Anders Sune Berg/Nordea-fonden

From Superinnovators 16/11/23. This article is in TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) format which is popular in the innovation community and provides a bullet summary of information. More info Olafur Eliasson website https://www.dezeen.com/2009/11/11/cirkelbroen-by-olafur-eliasson/ You may also be curious about:

Seawing kite could reduce shipping vessel emissions by 20 percent

Seawing system from Airseas at sea. Credit: Airseas

From Superinnovators 09/11/23. This article is in TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) format which is popular in the innovation community and provides a bullet summary of information. More info Seawing website https://www.fastcompany.com/90710052/this-giant-kite-helps-power-cargo-ships-and-reduces-greenhouse-gas-emissions-by-20 https://edition.cnn.com/2023/06/30/travel/airseas-giant-kites-ships-slash-carbon-emissions-scn-climate-spc/index.html You may also be curious about:

HafenCity RiverBus: 36-passenger amphibious coach is a curious sight

From Superinnovators 29/08/23 Hamburg, a prominent German city, hosts the HafenCity RiverBus. This amphibious tour service was launched on 10th May 2016. The service merges city and river tours. It provides a multifaceted view of areas like Hamburg’s historic Speicherstadt warehouse district and the contemporary HafenCity. The RiverBus is operational all year. Its timetable is […]