Nanoparticle computer vision boosts understanding of how lithium-ion batteries work

From DOE/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 15/09/23 Billions of tiny particles packed into rechargeable lithium-ion battery electrodes are responsible for storing charge and making it available when it’s needed to do work. X-ray movies of this process show the particles absorbing and releasing lithium ions as the battery charges and discharges. Now, in an important step […]

AI discovers magnetic materials to replace rare earth elements used in green tech

From DOE/Ames National Laboratory 06/08/23 A team of scientists from Ames National Laboratory developed a new machine learning model for discovering critical-element-free permanent magnet materials. The model predicts the Curie temperature of new material combinations. It is an important first step in using artificial intelligence to predict new permanent magnet materials. This model adds to […]

Shaking up seismology: How deep learning AI is forecasting earthquake aftershocks

From University of California – Santa Cruz 04/09/23 For more than 30 years, the models that researchers and government agencies use to forecast earthquake aftershocks have remained largely unchanged. While these older models work well with limited data, they struggle with the huge seismology datasets that are now available. To address this limitation, a team […]

‘Introspective’ AI improves its own neural network through open-mindedness

From North Carolina State University 03/09/23 An artificial intelligence with the ability to look inward and fine tune its own neural network performs better when it chooses diversity over lack of diversity, a new study finds. The resulting diverse neural networks were particularly effective at solving complex tasks. “We created a test system with a […]

Digitising smell: AI describes odor from molecules better than humans

From Monell Chemical Senses Center 03/09/23 A main crux of neuroscience is learning how our senses translate light into sight, sound into hearing, food into taste, and texture into touch.  Smell is where these sensory relationships get more complex and perplexing.  To address this question, a research team co-led by the Monell Chemical Senses Center and start-up Osmo, […]

AI can tell chemical composition from sample images alone

From Hokkaido University 30/08/23 Machine learning model provides quick method for determining the composition of solid chemical mixtures using only photographs of the sample. Have you ever accidentally ruined a recipe in the kitchen by adding salt instead of sugar? Due to their similar appearance, it’s an easy mistake to make. Similarly, checking with the […]

New detector unlocks large-scale optical neural networks: Faster and energy-efficient

From Optica 25/08/23 Faster, energy-efficient diffractive ONN could be used for image and video processing For the first time, researchers have used a surface normal nonlinear photodetector (SNPD) to improve the speed and energy efficiency of a diffractive optical neural network (ONN). The new device lays the groundwork for large-scale ONNs, which can perform high-speed […]

Deep sea internet cable used to track sea ice extent in the Arctic

From Seismological Society of America 18/08/23 A telecommunications fiber optic cable deployed offshore of Oliktok Point, Alaska recorded ambient seismic noise that can be used to finely track the formation and retreat of sea ice in the area, researchers report in The Seismic Record. Andres Felipe Peña Castro of the University of New Mexico and […]