Why can’t robots outrun animals?

Researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canada are examining the remarkable movement capabilities of animals to advance robotics technology.

Wild bird gestures “after you”

New research from the University of Tokyo reveals that Japanese tits utilise wing gestures for complex communication, challenging beliefs on non-verbal cues in non-human species.

New deep-sea worm discovered at methane seep off Costa Rica

Marine biologist Greg Rouse and his team at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography have identified a new species of deep-sea worm, Pectinereis strickrotti, near Costa Rica, shedding light on the rich biodiversity of methane seep ecosystems.

Change in gene code may explain how human ancestors lost tails

A groundbreaking study led by researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, published in the prestigious journal Nature, unveils a genetic insertion shared by apes and humans but absent in monkeys, shedding light on the evolutionary mystery behind the loss of tails in humans.

Brain washing machine: Light-therapy cleanses Alzheimer-causing toxins during sleep

From Higher Education Press 28/09/23 It is well known that sleep is the best medication. However, it is still unknown why the brain recovers better in sleep and whether these processes can be controlled. Recent discoveries have shown that the lymphatic system of the brain is activated during sleep, which contributes to the removal of […]

Venomius tomhardyi: New Australian spider species named after Tom Hardy’s Marvel character

From Pensoft Publishers 14/09/23 Tom Hardy and his Marvel character Venom have given their names to a newly discovered Australian spider. The genus Venomius and its only current species Venomius tomhardyi were described following an expedition to Tasmania. Scientists MSc Giullia Rossi, Dr Pedro Castanheira and Dr Volker Framenau from Murdoch University (Perth, Australia) partnered […]

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