Venomius tomhardyi: New Australian spider species named after Tom Hardy’s Marvel character

From Pensoft Publishers 14/09/23 Tom Hardy and his Marvel character Venom have given their names to a newly discovered Australian spider. The genus Venomius and its only current species Venomius tomhardyi were described following an expedition to Tasmania. Scientists MSc Giullia Rossi, Dr Pedro Castanheira and Dr Volker Framenau from Murdoch University (Perth, Australia) partnered […]

Hog-cooling technology improves welfare, feeding and milk production

From Purdue University 31/08/23 IHT Group, a division of Decisive Dividend Corp. (TSXV: DE) based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is bringing patented cooling pad technology for hogs to the North American market in spring 2024. The pads are 2-foot-by-4-foot aluminum tread plates on top of copper pipes that circulate water. Sensors in the pads determine if […]

Which radio waves disrupt the magnetic sense in migratory birds?

From University of Oldenburg 29/08/23 While radio waves emitted by radio and television broadcasting and CB radio can disrupt the magnetic compass of migratory birds, those used in mobile communication networks do not because the frequencies are too high to affect their sense of orientation. This was the key finding of a new study published […]

Longevity gene from naked mole rats extends lifespan of mice – humans are next

From University of Rochester 24/08/23 In a groundbreaking endeavor, researchers at the University of Rochester have successfully transferred a longevity gene from naked mole rats to mice, resulting in improved health and an extension of the mouse’s lifespan. Naked mole rats, known for their long lifespans and exceptional resistance to age-related diseases, have long captured […]

Sabertooth tigers: Roars or purrs? The answer lies in bones

From North Carolina State University 22/08/23 When a sabertooth tiger called out, what noise did it make – a mighty roar or a throaty purr? A new study from North Carolina State University examined the data behind the arguments for each vocalization and found that the answer was more nuanced than they thought – and […]

T-rex footprint found in dinosaur coliseum

From UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS 16/08/23 University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists have discovered and documented the largest known single dinosaur track site in Alaska. The site, located in Denali National Park and Preserve, has been dubbed “The Coliseum” by researchers. The Coliseum is the size of one-and-a-half football fields and contains layer upon layer of […]

New technique for making plant-based meat more palatable without adding fat

From University of Leeds 16/08/23 One of the biggest obstacles to the uptake of plant-based alternatives to meat is their very dry and astringent feel when they are eaten. Scientists, led by Professor Anwesha Sarkar at the University of Leeds, are revolutionising the sensation of plant proteins, transforming them from a substance that can be […]

Innovators turn dead flies into degradable bioplastics

From American Chemical Society 15/08/23 Imagine using insects as a source of chemicals to make plastics that can biodegrade later — with the help of that very same type of bug. That concept is closer to reality than you might expect. Today, researchers will describe their progress to date, including isolation and purification of insect-derived […]

Bees and wasps independently invent the same architectural tricks

From AUBURN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS 28/07/23 At first glance, the hexagonal cells build by honey bees and social wasps may seem similar, but they are significantly different. Honey bees build using wax, whereas wasps use paper. Honey bees build their double-sided combs vertically, whereas wasps build single-sided comb horizontally (i.e., the opening […]

Hunting down moth pests with drones

By SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY 07/07/2023 Researchers have been testing real-life Batman-style gadgets to eradicate moth pests from greenhouses, including bat-inspired flying drones that hunt down and destroy moths – but new research reveals that the noise from drones can alter moth flight behaviour. “The idea of using drones as an alternative solution to eliminating […]