France-based JetCycle have introduced the E-JetCycle, a pedal-assist electric foil watercraft aimed at enhancing water sports.

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E-JetCycle hydrofoiling
E-JetCycle hydrofoiling

This new boat offers a sustainable, accessible, and unique water experience, presenting a new option in water recreation, according to the company.

The E-JetCycle features a trimaran hull and electric assistance, providing stability and ease of use, reducing the effort required compared with their previous non-electric model, the JetCycle Max.

The boat has a top speed of 10 knots (20 km/h) and a battery life of up to three hours, making it suitable for various water explorations.

Below the waterline, the trimaran has carbon hydrofoils which act as underwater wings lifting the hull out of the water and reducing drag.

Coupled with an ultra-quiet electric motor, the propulsion system is smooth, efficient and peaceful which gives the sensation of flying over the water.

‘Flight’ altitude, as well as steering, are controlled through small levers either side of the cockpit.

The company say the intuitive controls and adjustable pedal system make it accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced individuals.

Technical specifications:

E-JetCycle features

The E-JetCycle operates without emissions or excessive noise, offering an environmentally and socially friendly alternative to traditional motorboats or jet skis.

The company also state that as the boat is made entirely in France, it has a reduced carbon footprint and high-quality build standards.

Compared to more demanding water activities like kayaking or paddleboarding, the E-JetCycle provides a leisurely experience – its electric pedal-assist allows users to explore the aquatic views with less effort.

And you’re also less likely to get wet – anti-slip pads line the seat and the multihull configuration makes it almost impossible to tip over.

Priced at €19,990 (approx. $21,870), the E-JetCycle is positioned as a premium product.

At that price, most people will never own one, yet, many will take one for a spin through short-term rental options at marine destinations across the globe.

As water activities gain popularity, the E-JetCycle introduces a quiet, sustainable and accessible way to enjoy water sports.

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