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Indian startup Surge unveiled its S32 electric scooter this week that can transform into a three-wheeler tuktuk, mini-pickup, mini-van, or mini-flat bed and vice versa within three mins.

Surge is a spin-out from two-wheeler giant Hero MotoCorp’s incubation program Hatch and the S32, ready for commercial launch this year, featured at their annual showcase event Hero World 2024.

The two-wheeler and attachment have separate batteries, powertrains and a patented interchange mechanism.

The scooter has a max. speed of 60km/h and a 4kWhr battery, with the three-wheeler topping out at 45km/h with a 10-12 kWhr battery depending on model.

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  2. Hi, I am interested in promoting this vehicle in my home country. This innovation will help solve a lots of loading and private transport.
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