VIDEO: Pedal-by-wire enclosed e-trike

German startup Hopper have built a pedal assist e-trike that converts pedal turns into electrical power for the motor rather than a mechanical chain drive used in conventional pedal-assist e-bikes.

Amphibious high-speed motorcycle

From Superinnovators 06/02/24 UK-based Gibbs Amphibians (f. 1998) unveiled the Biski on Oct 14, 2015, a single-seat, twin-jet HSA (Hill Start Assist) motorcycle capable of traversing both land and water. Measuring 2.3m in length and less than 1m in width, the Biski is the most compact and technically advanced model in Gibbs’ high-speed amphibious vehicle […]

E-scooter that converts to 3 wheeler van or tuktuk

From Superinnovators 26/01/24 Indian startup Surge unveiled its S32 electric scooter this week that can transform into a three-wheeler tuktuk, mini-pickup, mini-van, or mini-flat bed and vice versa within three mins. Surge is a spin-out from two-wheeler giant Hero MotoCorp’s incubation program Hatch and the S32, ready for commercial launch this year, featured at their […]

Wheely-X: Treadmill and gamification for wheelchair users

From Superinnovators 24/01/24 South Korean company Kangsters (f. 2020) created Wheely-X, a home-based cardio and performance trainer designed for wheelchair users. Costing around £2,085, the device allows users to engage in various cardio workouts from the safety of their own home. Wheely-X is aimed at wheelchair users that find it difficult to train hard and […]

Unique wheelchair with folding wheels

From Superinnovators 23/01/24 Dutch company Revolve Mobility unveiled Revolve Air, a fully foldable active wheelchair, in Feb 2021 followed by a crowdfunding campaign in Sept 2023. Eight years in the making and priced at £4,092 (converted from $4,999), it is especially suitable for air travel, fitting into overhead compartments and saving 60% space when folded. […]

Autonomous mobility aid could replace guide dogs

From Superinnovators 19/01/24 US startup Glidance (founded 2023) unveiled an autonomous mobility aid, Glide, in late 2023 that uses sensors to help vision-impaired people steer around obstacles and navigate in public spaces. Glide gives haptic/audio feedback, applies auto-braking, navigates pre-programmed or spontaneous routes and has 6+ hours battery life. Founder and CEO Amos Miller lost […]

Folding bike with full size wheels

From Superinnovators 08/01/24 French startup Bastille has launched a new folding bike with 27.5 inch wheels which transforms in 5-10 seconds for easy storage. The bike is manufactured in France and weighs 15 kg, has folded dimension of L88 x D33 x H74cm, 3 gears, belt drive, hydraulic disk brakes and can be wheeled while […]

Theft-deterrent bike where lock is part of the frame

From Superinnovators 05/01/24 Chilean company Yerka, founded in 2013, have developed a bike where the diagonal portion of the frame and the seat pole form an integrated lock. Not only does the design mean you don’t have to carry a lock, but any attempt to break the lock and steal the bike would render the […]

Variable wheel-base micro vehicle brings versatility

From Superinnovators 03/01/24 Polish startup Triggo has built a four-wheeled, swappable battery electric vehicle that can bring its front wheels closer together to make it as narrow as a motorbike at the touch of a button. The 70km range two-seater has high-speed mode with max. 90 km/h and 148cm front wheel base width, and low-speed […]

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