From Superinnovators, 08/02/2023

Inventor Andrea Mocellin has unveiled a prototype wearable mobility device, Exo Line, with two wheels situated at the end of each arm and one between the legs.

The kooky contraption is reminiscent of The Wheelers from Wizard of Oz.

One the wheelers from Wizard of Oz

Here’s how Andrea announced the innovation on Instagram:

‘I am pleased to present my personal vision of a Wearable Concept Vehicle that I invented, designed, and prototyped during my years between Turin and Munich.’

Exo Line device with its inventor Andrea Mocellin. Credit: Exo Line/Andrea Mocellin

The project aims to purely challenge the essential interaction between rider and robotic vehicle using only human instincts to control and operate the wheels and skeleton; I am happy to share the website and videos with you!’

Exo Line in motion. Credit: Exo Line/Andrea Mocellin

‘Exo Line is a highly athletic, wearable vehicle that challenges human-machine interaction. It is foldable and powered by an internal wheel motor and a lithium-ion battery.’

Exo Line in motion. Credit: Exo Line/Andrea Mocellin

‘The vehicle is controlled by a common joystick and can be easily folded and used as a backpack when not in use.’

Illustration of Exo Line. Credit: Exo Line/Andrea Mocellin

‘The Exo Line was completely developed in-house, from the conceptual part to the construction of the prototype, using off-the-shelf parts.’

Illustration of how Exo Line is worn by user. Credit: Exo Line/Andrea Mocellin

‘A concept that was developed as a natural outgrowth of my 2009 dissertation at the Royal college of art, in which I wanted to challenge existing exoskeleton technology to create a new generation of human-powered vehicles.’

Illustration of how user transitions to riding position. Credit: Exo Line/Andrea Mocellin


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