Photonics-based wireless link breaks speed records for data transmission

From Osaka University 08/02/24 From coffee-shop customers who connect their laptop to the local Wi-Fi network to remote weather monitoring stations in the Antarctic, wireless communication is an essential part of modern life. Researchers worldwide are currently working on the next evolution of communication networks, called “beyond 5G” or 6G networks. To enable the near-instantaneous […]

World record optical fiber transmission capacity doubles to 22.9 petabits per second

From National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) 11/12/23 Highlights -A record-breaking transmission capacity of 22.9 petabits per second in a single optical fiber was demonstrated. -Large-scale space-division multiplexing technology was successfully combined with multi-band wavelength-division multiplexing technology with 18.8 THz transmission bandwidth. -Demo is a major step toward the realization of future ultra-large […]