Robot classroom: 23 bots learn how to sort office waste and recycling

From Superinnovators 22/08/23 In a groundbreaking experiment, Google’s research team has successfully deployed a fleet of 23 reinforcement learning (RL) enabled robots to sort waste and recycling in office buildings. The experiment, which spanned over two years, was led by Sergey Levine, Research Scientist, and Alexander Herzog, Staff Research Software Engineer at Google Research’s Brain […]

New recycling method for 840,000 tonne waste problem that isn’t single-use plastics

From UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY 04/07/2023 It’s estimated that by 2030 carbon and glass fibre composites (CFRP), materials commonly used in wind turbine blades, hydrogen tanks, airplanes, yachts, construction, and car manufacturing, will be a key waste stream worldwide.  The annual accumulation of CFRP waste from aircraft and wind turbine industries alone is projected to reach 840,300 […]