Foldaway heavy goods trailer

From Superinnovators 15/01/24 Swiss automotive engineering company Mobas (founded 1963) created a folding trailer in 2020 for transporting timber to reduce road tax charges and boost efficiency. The trailer uses hydraulic ratchets, a coupling pin, and stabilisers to fold itself onto the towing vehicle when not in use, taking around 1.5 mins. The innovation means […]

Snow removal machine for trucks and buses

From Superinnovators 14/12/23 US company Scraper Systems designs and manufactures a patented FleetPlow system that removes snow and ice from the tops of trucks and buses using a variable height plow. First conceived in 1997, today there are over 2,000 machines installed across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, with the top model able to remove […]

Dynamic pacemaker lights keep traffic moving in Melbourne tunnel

From Superinnovators 31/10/23. This article is in TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) format which is popular in the innovation community and provides a bullet summary of information. More info You may also be curious about:

‘See through’ truck could revolutionise road safety

From Superinnovators 01/08/23 Check out what Samsung said about their safety truck prototype in 2016: ———- Samsung Electronics Argentina unveiled to the public the first Samsung Safety Truck, a technology for trucks which seeks to prevent road accidents in overtaking situations on roads. Thanks to the partnership between Samsung Electronics Argentina and its partners Leo […]

This road is made from plastic waste and old tires

From UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI-COLUMBIA 20/07/23 Millions of roads across the United States are constructed with asphalt pavement that’s deteriorating over time. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri are using recyclables, including plastic waste, as a sustainable solution to fix America’s fracturing road system. In partnership with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), researchers from […]