Wearable Chairless Chair provides seat wherever you go

From Superinnovators 20/12/23 Swiss startup Noonee has developed a wearable leg exoskeleton that fully supports the user in a seated position and allows them to switch between standing, walking and sitting in seconds. The less-than-3kg device is used in many settings such as automotive plants, electronics factories and farms to make manual work more productive […]

Chef’s hanging seat invention helps people with disabilities work in the kitchen

From Superinnovators 17/11/23. This article is in TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) format which is popular in the innovation community and provides a bullet summary of information. More info https://www.standingovation.at/?lang=en https://www.rehacare.com/en/personality/Staning-Ovation-facilitates-mobility-workplace  You may also be curious about:

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