Nanoparticle computer vision boosts understanding of how lithium-ion batteries work

From DOE/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 15/09/23 Billions of tiny particles packed into rechargeable lithium-ion battery electrodes are responsible for storing charge and making it available when it’s needed to do work. X-ray movies of this process show the particles absorbing and releasing lithium ions as the battery charges and discharges. Now, in an important step […]

AI boxing judge

By Charles Carter, 20/10/22 Machine learning engineers at Danish startup Jabbr have developed an AI called DeepStrike that automatically analyses the performance of boxing opponents using camera feeds. The innovation could be used to replace boxing judges and provide athletes with accurate stats on their sparring training sessions to help them identify areas for improvement. […]

Six-armed apple harvester

By Charles Carter, 25/09/22 Innovators at US startup are developing an automated apple harvester that uses computer vision and suction cups to pick almost 30 pieces of fruit a minute. They are transferring technology from their more established robotic strawberry picker to solve apple harvesting challenges, through a $460k 3-year R&D grant from the […]

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