Nanowire network mimics brain, learns handwriting with 93.4% accuracy

From  UCLA 29/11/23 FINDINGS An experimental computing system, modeled after the biological brain, achieved a 93.4% accuracy in identifying handwritten numbers. This success is attributed to a novel training algorithm providing real-time feedback during the learning process. This algorithm surpassed the accuracy of traditional machine-learning methods, which train after processing batches of data, achieving only […]

Researchers help unravel brain processes involved in vision

From York University 25/11/23 Faced with images that break the expected pattern, like a do not enter sign where a stop sign is expected, how does the brain react and learn compared to being shown images which match what was predicted? That was the question a team, including York University, set out to answer. A […]

For epilepsy, yoga may be good for your mind

From American Academy of Neurology 14/11/23 For people with epilepsy, doing yoga may help reduce feelings of stigma about the disease along with reducing seizure frequency and anxiety. This insight comes from new research published in the November 8, 2023, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. “People with […]

We can respond to verbal stimuli while sleeping

From Institut du Cerveau (Paris Brain Institute) 08/11/23 Sleep is generally defined as a period during which the body and mind are at rest—as if disconnected from the world. However, a new study led by Delphine Oudiette, Isabelle Arnulf, and Lionel Naccache at Paris Brain Institute shows that the frontier between wakefulness and sleep is […]

Mechanism decoded: How synapses are formed

From Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie 03/11/23 Whether in the brain or in the muscles, wherever there are nerve cells, there are synapses. These contact points between neurons form the basis for the transmission of excitation, i.e. communication between neurons. As in any communication process, there is a sender and a receiver: Nerve cell processes called […]

Innovators develop technology to tabulate and characterize every cell in the human brain

From Massachusetts General Hospital 03/11/23 The brain is made up of numerous types of cells that are organized into different structures and regions. Although several important steps have been made towards building models of the human brain, the advances have not produced undistorted 3D images of cellular architecture that are needed to build accurate and […]

Meta decodes images from brain activity in real-time

From Superinnovators 25/10/23. This article is in TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) format which is popular in the innovation community and provides a bullet summary of information. More info You may also be curious about:

How video games could unlock new treatments for Parkinson’s 

From University of California – Riverside 19/10/23 A$5 million NIH grant is adding an ‘extra life’ to Parkinson’s research, with patients playing video games during brain surgery to help researchers understand better how the brain regulates movement. Vasileios Christopoulos, assistant professor of bioengineering at UC Riverside, is leading the five-year project whose goal is to […]

Brain washing machine: Light-therapy cleanses Alzheimer-causing toxins during sleep

From Higher Education Press 28/09/23 It is well known that sleep is the best medication. However, it is still unknown why the brain recovers better in sleep and whether these processes can be controlled. Recent discoveries have shown that the lymphatic system of the brain is activated during sleep, which contributes to the removal of […]

I know what you are thinking: AI detects person’s intentions from just brain wave data

From DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology) 22/09/23 The research team led by Professor Sanghyun Park from the Department of Robotics and Mechanical Engineering at DGIST (President Kuk Yang) announced that they have developed a few-shot learning model capable of accurately classifying brain waves using a small amount of information. A large amount […]