Microgreens made to order: Italian scientists have tailored iodine and potassium content of radishes, peas, rocket and chard

From Society of Chemical Industry 12/02/24 In a significant development for personalised nutrition, researchers in Italy have cultivated microgreens with bespoke nutritional profiles to serve individual dietary requirements. The study, published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture (doi: 10.1002/jsfa.13222), provides a blueprint for the soilless cultivation of nutritionally enriched plants in […]

Preharvest fruit bagging reduces pesticide use

From Superinnovators 30/01/24 Fruit bagging, an agricultural technique originating in Japan over a hundred years ago, is gaining popularity among farmers across the world for its multiple benefits. This process involves enclosing individual fruits or clusters in bags while they are still on the tree, protecting them from pests, diseases, and sun and mechanical damage […]

How plants pass down genetic memories

From Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 29/08/23 When organisms pass their genes on to future generations, they include more than the code spelled out in DNA. Some also pass along chemical markers that instruct cells how to use that code. The passage of these markers to future generations is known as epigenetic inheritance. It’s particularly common […]