Chinese-German startup Tarran unveil the T1 Pro, a family e-cargo bike featuring stabilising automatic landing gear, 220kg capacity and advanced safety systems.

From Tarran 08/07/24. Title by Superinnovators.

Tarran T1 Pro e-cargo bike. Credit: Tarran
Tarran T1 Pro e-cargo bike. Credit: Tarran

E-bike startup TARRAN launches flagship intelligent e-cargo bike, TARRAN™ T1 Pro, at Eurobike 2024.

T1 Pro features proprietary Dynamic Dualdrive™ landing gears, which automatically deploy and retract at low speeds to maintain balance, reducing the risk of tipping over.

It’s designed to provide ample comfort for families with 2-3 children, with its compact 2.26-meter length ensuring agile maneuverability.

The touchscreen with TarranOS™ manages lights, navigation, and locking, making cycling seamlessly convenient.

Equipped with radar and cameras, it continuously monitors surroundings to provide real-time alerts for safer rides.

With Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging and various accessories, T1 Pro expands the horizon of urban mobility to broader lifestyle settings.

No more worries about tipping over with proprietary landing gears

Traditional cargo bikes are unstable at low speeds and prone to tipping.

Tarran T1 Pro solves this with its proprietary Dynamic Dualdrive™ landing gears, which automatically deploy when braking to a low speed, and retract when riding is stable.

Each landing gear is controlled by a separate motor and features suspension, allowing adaptive support on uneven surfaces.

These wheels can be manually lowered for easier pushing, and act as an e-kickstand when locked in position, offering balance support when waiting for a red light or parking, and making it easier to park when loaded.

Remain seated and control everything

T1 Pro features a 5.2-inch retina touchscreen with TARRAN OS™, together with TARRAN™ App and handlebar buttons, gives you easy access to all you need for a seamless and safe ride.

Simply use the app or NFC key to lock & unlock, no need for heavy locks.

Check remaining mileage, riding data, and various other parameters clearly on the screen.

Handlebar buttons directly control smart lighting system, landing gears and even the selfie camera, consolidating all necessary functions without the need for separate modules.

Handlebar vibration and real-time footage from rear camera keep you alerted on road conditions for a safer ride.

With phone mirroring, you can navigate, switch songs, and take a call.

Landing gear wheels can be lowered manually as well as automatically. Credit: Tarran
Landing gear wheels can be lowered manually as well as automatically. Credit: Tarran

With TARRAN™ App, theft prevention is also smarter.

Sentry mode activates after power shutdown, detecting anomalies via a 6-axis gyroscope, issuing alerts, and recording live video.

The GPS module allows users to view bike location, and to activate speakers for precise locating.

Go further with all you need and all you love

With a 220kg maximum total weight capacity, T1 Pro can comfortably accommodate two children under 1.26 meters in the cargo box, or 3 Euroboxes, while the intelligent spacing compresses overall length to 2260mm, making it rather compact and maneuverable in its class.

It comes standard with a 5-point safety harness childseat.

With a rear MIK rack, you can install a seat for one extra taller kid or more cargo.

Thanks to dual-battery design, with each one having a capacity of 708Wh, it offers a range up to 200km*.

Batteries are concealed at the bottom of the cargo box, aiding in theft prevention, while also preventing exposure aging.

Comfortable experience for both riders and passengers

With flagship configuration and intelligent system, T1 Pro delivers a comfort maneuvering and riding experience for both cyclists and passengers at low maintenance costs.

T1 Pro features full suspension with 50mm and 60mm travel respectively, 180 hydraulic disc brakes offer powerful braking even in challenging conditions.

Gates Carbon Drive™ CDX and Enviolo Heavy Duty™ hub enhance durability, while reducing the need for frequent cleaning and lubrication.

The dual-cable steering system allows a maximum steering angle of 90°, providing greater flexibility for navigating narrow alleys and changing lanes.

The intelligence and performance of an e-bike depends largely on its motor, which acts as the system’s brain.

Using common motors is easier but limits customization.

The self-developed motor collects information from sensors, perform high-speed computations, and output signals for smoother riding assistance and to support intelligent functions like the landing gear.

It also offers 100Nm industry-leading torque, providing exceptional support for uphill climbs and carrying heavy loads.

Your safety system thinks for you, even before you do

If hardware sets the safety floor, intelligent systems raise the ceiling.

Rear camera and radar constantly monitor approaching vehicles, alerts with handlebar vibration and video stream.

Tarran T1 Pro e-cargo bike app. Credit: Tarran
Tarran T1 Pro e-cargo bike app. Credit: Tarran

Front-facing 180° camera allows advanced visibility of road conditions even when rider’s view is blocked.

Smart lighting system offers high and low beam front lights, turning lights, automatic braking lights.

Timely alerts enhance the sense of control, also significantly increasing safety in complex road conditions and nighttime riding.

One click snap shot, and your family camp on the go

Tarran believes cargo bikes offer more than just eco-friendly transport—they create connections between riders and nature.

The audiovisual system of T1 Pro strives to enhance entertainment experiences and expand scene versatility.

Simply press and hold the handlebar button, built-in headtube 1080P camera can take selfies of rider and passengers, capture fleeting happy memories.

With a standard 1/4 inch screw mount for third-party cameras*, you can also bring your favorite gear and control directly from the handlebar.

T1 offers 2 built-in Bluetooth speakers, a Qi2.0 wireless charging panel, 2 USB outputs to keep your phone and other electronics powered up on the go.

Built for a future you’ll love

T1 Pro uses recyclable, child-friendly EPP cargobox material, environmentally friendly water-based paint, and some recycled aluminum parts.

From the beginning, TARRAN partners with top consulting firm to conduct GDPR compliance self-audits, ensuring that respect for privacy is embedded in all smart features.

TARRAN collaborates with KISKA, a renowned European brand and design agency, on industrial design.

Building upon a refined mechanical structure, we created a unique one-piece main frame.

The intelligent lighting system along with multiple sensors, is seamlessly integrated into the frame, resulting in a clean and flowing design language, lends an ultra-modern industrial aesthetic, ensuring high overall recognizability.

Visit TARRAN from July 3 to 7, 2024, at Eurobike in Frankfurt.

Main Exhibition: Hall 8.0, Stand A08.

Outdoor Area: F11, Stand C04.

Price and availability

The TARRAN T1 Pro is expected to be available to order via the official TARRAN website by the end of 2024.

The price will be announced in Q4 2024.

*With dual-battery, may vary based on actual situations.

*Check website for compatible camera model list.

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