US company Evolutionary Tools have created Back Up, an ergonomic device designed to assist professionals and amateurs alike during construction or do-it-yourself (DIY) tasks.

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Back Up wearable tool. Credit: Evolutionary Tools
Back Up wearable arm tool. Credit: Evolutionary Tools

The tool consists of a wearable chest plate that connects to an adjustable arm, providing support for leaning when performing tasks at a low level, such as laying floor titles.

The company say that their device transfers weight away from the knees and lower back, spreading it across the upper body instead.

This reduces the risk of fatigue and injury for jobs involving prolonged periods of kneeling or bending: those repair, installation, and maintenance projects longer than 5 mins, the company advises.

The Back UP has the added benefit of freeing up both hands in tasks where one is usually used to lean on, thereby enhancing productivity.

The tool aims to enhance worker wellbeing and extend careers in various trades, including carpentry, electrical work, and plumbing.

This innovation is particularly beneficial for individuals returning to work after an injury or surgery.

Back Up wearable arm tool. Credit: Evolutionary Tools
Back Up wearable arm tool. Credit: Evolutionary Tools

The chest plate is available in various sizes and can be worn on the lower abdomen too, which can be a more comfortable position for women.

Moreover, it’s equipped with hypoallergenic, removable foam for added cushioning.

The device also features a quick-adjust shoulder strap, making it easy to put on and remove.

And the weight-bearing arm is adjustable, can be locked or unlocked and is available in different lengths to suit various tasks.

The arm can also be equipped with different types of boots, including the SandPad Boot and Hex Boot, to ensure stability on diverse surfaces.

In addition, the Back Up includes a holster clip for your belt to store the arm when not in use.

The product is available in four different package options:

Base Kit: $535 (approx. £414)

Pro Kit, designed for diverse workspaces: $795 (approx. £614),

Outrigger Crew Kit, for teams with diverse conditions and broad range: $2,680 (approx. £2,069)

Field Crew Kit, for teams maintaining focus in low and tight conditions: $2,795 (approx. £2,161)

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