From Superinnovators 10/06/24.

Australian startup FBR are taking their bricklaying bot Hadrian X to Florida for its first international demonstration project consisting of 10 homes.

The bot started its journey from the port of Freemantle, Western Australia, by ship in late May and will take approximately two months to reach Florida.

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Superinnovators Gadgets: Waist Clip Fan

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Zeadio Waist Clip Fan is a portable battery powered fan that clips on your belt and blows air under your T-shirt to help cool you down in summer – 23 hrs continuous use. Get yours on Amazon

Superinnovators Gadgets: Elliptical Bike and Trainer

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ElliptiGO 3C Long Stride Outdoor Elliptical Bike provides a great cardio workout on flat terrain or gently rolling hills with adjustable stride length and steering column. Get yours on Amazon (US only)

Superinnovators Gadgets: ‘Anti-gravity’ Build-It-Yourself Tensegrity Desk Toy 

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JTLB ‘Anti-gravity’ Build-It-Yourself Tensegrity Desk Toy is a small tension integrity (tensegrity) sculpture that you or your child can assemble from blocks, forming a stable system that seems to overcome gravity. Get yours on Amazon

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