Spider silk sound system

Researchers from Binghamton University in the United States are exploring spider silk’s unique properties for sound detection, potentially revolutionising microphone design with high-sensitivity, long-distance capabilities.

Software DJ creates automated pop song mashups #Acoustics23

From American Institute of Physics 29/12/23 Song mashups are a staple of many DJs, who mix the vocals and instrumentals from two or more tracks into a seamless blend, creating a new and exciting final product. While the result is fun to listen to, the creation process can often be challenging, requiring knowledge and expertise […]

Pingpong balls score big as sound absorbers

From American Institute of Physics 25/10/23 Long-term exposure to low-frequency noise can cause numerous health problems, but the solution may be found in an unexpected object, a pingpong ball. Conventionally thought of as the hollow plastic balls that speed through the air during a fast-tempo game of table tennis, with a few modifications, pingpong balls […]

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