Mobile solar array unfolds from shipping container

Austria-based Solarcontainer (f. 2022) have created a 140kWp 120m solar array which unfolds from a standard 20ft shipping container-sized box for easy transport and use in scenarios such as remote agriculture and construction.

World’s first wind turbine with solar panel blades

Spanish startup Soleolico, unveiled their wind turbine in Santander, Spain (6th Oct 2023) which merges wind and solar energy by incorporating photovoltaic panels into its blades, aiming for continuous electricity generation.

World’s first hydrogen outboard motor unveiled

From Superinnovators 15/02/24 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., in collaboration with Roush and Regulator Marine, have unveiled the world’s first hydrogen-powered outboard motor for recreational boats. The unveiling took place at the Miami International Boat Show yesterday, showcasing a prototype. Roush helped develop the fuel system and Regulator Marine built a boat suitable for testing the […]

Collapsible solar array mounted on roof of Tesla

From Superinnovators 15/02/24 US engineer Omid Sadeghpour has designed and built a collapsible and driveable rooftop solar array to charge EVs while parked, unveiling Beta One in Nov last year. Mounted on his Model Y Tesla and weighing less than 75 kg, it’s designed to be portable, fitting on any EV roof rack and within […]

Device makes hydrogen from sunlight with record efficiency

By RICE UNIVERSITY 26/07/23 Rice University engineers can turn sunlight into hydrogen with record-breaking efficiency thanks to a device that combines next-generation halide perovskite semiconductors with electrocatalysts in a single, durable, cost-effective and scalable device. The new technology is a significant step forward for clean energy and could serve as a platform for a wide […]