‘Tiny tornadoes’ around leaves spread deadly plant pathogens

From Cornell University 09/02/24 A new study led by Cornell University is the first to analyze plant spore dispersion at its source, where rain droplets shake flexible leaves to initially disperse pathogens. When raindrops hit a leaf of a wheat plant infected with rust – a pathogenic spore that has decimated crops globally – the […]

Study: Spinal cord stimulation a potential new way to treat depression

From University of Cincinnati 10/01/24 A pilot clinical trial led by University of Cincinnati researchers at the Lindner Center of HOPE found electrical stimulation of the spinal cord is feasible, well-tolerated and shows therapeutic potential to treat depression. The results of the trial were published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry on Dec. 20. Research background […]

Morphing hypersonic engine will self-optimise its surfaces for maximum performance

Hypersonic speeds are those at Mach 5 and higher and could allow coast-to-coast travel from New York to L.A. in 30 mins. From University of Central Florida 13/09/23 A new Naval Research Laboratory funded project led by a UCF researcher will work to create a morphing hypersonic engine for ultra-fast travel, building on UCF’s already […]