World’s first logical quantum processor

From Harvard University 19/12/23 In quantum computing, a quantum bit or “qubit” is one unit of information, just like a binary bit in classical computing. For more than two decades, physicists and engineers have shown the world that quantum computing is, in principle, possible by manipulating quantum particles ­– be they atoms, ions or photons […]

Researchers invent new way to stretch diamond for better quantum bits

From DOE/Argonne National Laboratory 08/12/23 In work supported by the Q-NEXT quantum research center, scientists ​“stretch” thin films of diamond to create more cost-effective and controllable qubits. A future quantum network may become less of a stretch thanks to researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, the University of Chicago and […]

Self-correcting quantum computers within reach?

From Harvard University 02/11/23 Quantum computers promise to reach speeds and efficiencies impossible for even the fastest supercomputers of today. Yet the technology hasn’t seen much scale-up and commercialization largely due to its inability to self-correct. Quantum computers, unlike classical ones, cannot correct errors by copying encoded data over and over. Scientists had to find […]

A simpler way to connect quantum computers over long distances

From Princeton University, Engineering School 03/09/23 A new atomic device sends high-fidelity quantum information over fiber optic networks. Researchers have a new way to connect quantum devices over long distances, a necessary step toward allowing the technology to play a role in future communications systems. While today’s classical data signals can get amplified across a […]

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