UC Irvine scientists make breakthrough in quantum materials research

From University of California – Irvine 09/02/24 Researchers at the University of California, Irvine and Los Alamos National Laboratory, publishing in the latest issue of Nature Communications, describe the discovery of a new method that transforms everyday materials like glass into materials scientists can use to make quantum computers. “The materials we made are substances […]

Simulations of ‘backwards time travel’ can improve scientific experiments

From University of Cambridge 08/11/23 Physicists have shown that simulating models of hypothetical time travel can solve experimental problems that appear impossible to solve using standard physics. If gamblers, investors and quantum experimentalists could bend the arrow of time, their advantage would be significantly higher, leading to significantly better outcomes. Researchers at the University of […]

A new way to erase quantum computer errors

From California Institute of Technology 27/10/23 Quantum computers of the future hold promise in solving all sorts of problems. For example, they could lead to more sustainable materials, new medicines, and even crack the hardest problems in fundamental physics. But compared to classical computers in use today, rudimentary quantum computers are more prone to errors. […]

A simpler way to connect quantum computers over long distances

From Princeton University, Engineering School 03/09/23 A new atomic device sends high-fidelity quantum information over fiber optic networks. Researchers have a new way to connect quantum devices over long distances, a necessary step toward allowing the technology to play a role in future communications systems. While today’s classical data signals can get amplified across a […]

Advances in quantum emitters mark progress toward a quantum internet

From DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 23/08/23 New understanding of how light-emitting defects form and behave could lead to their use in a quantum internet and for sensing radiation. The prospect of a quantum internet, connecting quantum computers and capable of highly secure data transmission, is enticing, but making it poses a formidable challenge. Transporting quantum […]

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