Engineers develop a vibrating, ingestible capsule that might help treat obesity

From Massachusetts Institute of Technology 04/01/24 When you eat a large meal, your stomach sends signals to your brain that create a feeling of fullness, which helps you realize it’s time to stop eating. A stomach full of liquid can also send these messages, which is why dieters are often advised to drink a glass […]

Specific genetic variant may help prevent obesity

From Weill Cornell Medicine 23/12/23 A preclinical study by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators shows that a specific human genetic variant of a receptor that stimulates insulin release may help individuals be more resistant to obesity. The researchers discovered that this variant behaves differently in the cell which may contribute to more efficient metabolism. The study, […]

All you can eat: New obesity breakthrough allows you to lose weight while pigging out

From Institute for Basic Science 01/09/23 This is a significant development that brings hope to the one billion individuals with obesity worldwide. Researchers led by Director C. Justin LEE from the Center for Cognition and Sociality (CCS) within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) have discovered new insights into the regulation of fat metabolism. The […]

Tropical plant native to China reveals anti-obesity potential

From OSAKA METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY 07/08/23 Obesity, a major risk factor for various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension has become widespread worldwide, inherently demanding innovative solutions to combat it. A multi-institutional research group led by Associate Professor Akiko Kojima of the Graduate School of Human Life and Ecology at Osaka Metropolitan University, has made […]

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