Tiny nanocarriers could prove the magic bullet for acne sufferers

From University of South Australia 15/09/23 It’s a skin disorder that makes life miserable for around 800 million teenagers and adults worldwide, but Australian scientists may have found an effective treatment for acne, delivered via tiny nanoparticles. In a study led by the University of South Australia (UniSA), a new antibacterial compound known as Narasin was encased in tiny, […]

Novel cancer therapy: Light-triggered nanospheres attack tumors from within

From New York University 05/09/23 Unique nanoplatform combines tumor detection and monitoring with potent, light-triggered cancer therapy In a breakthrough in cancer therapeutics, a team of researchers at the Magzoub Biophysics Lab at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) has made a significant advance in light-based therapies – biocompatible and biodegradable tumor-targeting nanospheres that combine tumor detection […]

A simpler way to connect quantum computers over long distances

From Princeton University, Engineering School 03/09/23 A new atomic device sends high-fidelity quantum information over fiber optic networks. Researchers have a new way to connect quantum devices over long distances, a necessary step toward allowing the technology to play a role in future communications systems. While today’s classical data signals can get amplified across a […]

How to write in water?

From North Carolina State University 01/09/23 Researchers at Mainz University, TU Darmstadt, and Wuhan University overcome fundamental obstacles for writing and drawing lines, letters, and complex patterns within the bulk of a liquid. Writing is an age-old cultural technique. Thousands of years ago, humans were already carving signs and symbols into stone slabs. Scripts have […]

Micrometres-thin battery charged by saline solution could power smart contact lenses

From Nanyang Technological University 25/08/23 Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a flexible battery as thin as a human cornea, which stores electricity when it is immersed in saline solution, and which could one day power smart contact lenses. Smart contact lenses are high-tech contact lenses capable of displaying visible information […]