Ketamine helped many severely depressed veterans, study shows

From Michigan Medicine – University of Michigan 08/02/24 Ketamine has received a lot of attention as a potential treatment for depression, but few studies have revealed how well it works in real world settings, especially in patients with complex mental health needs. Now, a new study of data from veterans who had tried many depression […]

New study highlights connection with strawberries, cognition and mood in middle-aged, overweight adults

From Wild Hive 20/11/23 A new study published in Nutrients reveals that daily strawberry consumption over 12 weeks can lessen memory interference and depressive symptoms in middle-aged, overweight adults with mild cognitive decline. Robert Krikorian, Ph.D., lead researcher and University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center professor, notes that dementia encompasses many diseases without cures. He […]

Mushrooming hope: Can psychedelic psilocybin uplift the downcast?

From Wolters Kluwer Health 09/09/23 A growing body of evidence suggests that psychedelic drugs may be useful in treating various mental health conditions. However, many challenges remain in defining their clinical benefits and overcoming the complex regulatory obstacles to their use. The September issue of Journal of Psychiatric Practice presents a research review and update […]