How do we learn? Neuroscientists pinpoint how memories are likely to be stored in the brain

From Trinity College Dublin 26/11/23 What is the mechanism that allows our brains to incorporate new information about the world, and form memories? New work by a team of neuroscientists led by Dr. Tomás Ryan from Trinity College Dublin shows that learning occurs through the continuous formation of new connectivity patterns between specific engram cells […]

Validating the role of inhibitory interneurons in memory

From Institute for Basic Science 15/11/23 Memory, a fundamental tool for our survival, is closely linked with how we encode, recall, and respond to external stimuli. Over the past decade, extensive research has focused on memory-encoding cells, known as engram cells, and their synaptic connections. Most of this research has centered on excitatory neurons and […]

Traumatic memories can rewire the brain

From National Institutes of Natural Sciences 10/11/23 Scientists have long speculated about the physical changes that occur in the brain when a new memory is formed. Now, research from the National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS) has shed light on this intriguing neurological mystery. In a study recently published in Nature Communications, The research team […]