Building muscle in the lab

From ETH Zurich 21/08/23 ETH Zurich Professor Ori Bar-​Nur and his team grow muscle cells in the laboratory. In this case, they are mouse cells, but the researchers are also interested in human and cow cells. Promising applications resonate with both: human muscle tissue cultured in the lab could be used in surgery, while human […]

Diagnosis of Parkinson’s voice condition from call audio

From Toyohashi University of Technology 20/08/23 Overview Assistant Professor Yuya Hosoda of the Center for IT-Based Education (CITE), Toyohashi University of Technology developed a method for estimating the pitch of vocal cord vibrations of humans from call audio. In this method, the pitch is estimated by integrating the feature quantities extracted from the amplitude and […]

AI transformation of medicine: Why doctors are not prepared

From University of Maryland School of Medicine 08/08/23 As artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT find their way into everyday use, physicians will start to see these tools incorporated into their clinical practice to help them make important decisions on diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions. These tools, called clinical decision support (CDS) algorithms, can […]

We’re closer to engineering blood vessels

From University of Melbourne 08/08/23 University of Melbourne researchers have developed a fast, inexpensive and scalable method for engineering blood vessels from natural tissue. Co-led by ARC Future Fellow Associate Professor Daniel Heath and Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and Shanahan Chair in Frontier Medical Solutions Andrea O’Connor, both from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the […]

New sensor mimics cell membrane functions to detect hard-to-diagnose cancers

By MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 04/08/23 Drawing inspiration from natural sensory systems, an MIT-led team has designed a novel sensor that could detect the same molecules that naturally occurring cell receptors can identify. In work that combines several new technologies, the researchers created a prototype sensor that can detect an immune molecule called CXCL12, down […]

Philips augmented reality concept for image-guided minimally invasive therapies

From Phillips (2019), Published on Superinnovators 02/08/23 At the MWC Barcelona [2019], one of the largest mobile events in the world, Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology today unveiled a unique mixed reality concept developed together with Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) for the operating room of the future. Based […]

Fibrous ink enables 3D-bioprinted heart muscle to beat

From HARVARD JOHN A. PAULSON SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES 28/07/23 Over the last decade, advances in 3D printing have unlocked new possibilities for bioengineers to build heart tissues and structures. Their goals include creating better in vitro platforms for discovering new therapeutics for heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United […]

New scanning methods can detect deadly heart condition before symptoms appear

By UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON 25/07/23 Combining two types of heart scan techniques could help doctors to detect the deadly heart condition hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) before symptoms and signs on conventional tests appear, according to a new study led by UCL researchers. The research, funded by the British Heart Foundation and published in the journal Circulation, […]

Holographic surgical platform aims to enhance patient care

By Superinnovators 24/07/23 Medivis, a New York-based medical technology company, is revolutionising surgical procedures with its FDA-cleared augmented reality (AR) platform, SurgicalAR. The platform offers holographic navigation in the operating room, ICU, and clinic, aiming to enhance patient care. The technology allows for efficient alignment of patients’ CT and MRI imaging to their bodies, offering […]

Smiles all round: Bone mineral toothpaste can prevent cavities as effectively as fluoride

By Angharad Brewer Gillham, Frontiers science writer 18/07/2023 Brushing twice a day keeps the dentist away – but can we improve on the toothpaste we use to maintain clean teeth, preventing medical issues that spiral from poor dental health? Most toothpastes use fluoride, a powerful tool for oral hygiene. However, fluoride can pose health problems […]