‘Magic blood potion’ achieves scarless wound healing

From Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST) 07/09/23 A research team, affiliated with UNIST has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in tissue regeneration by developing a technology that utilizes autologous blood to produce three-dimensional microvascular implants. These implants hold immense potential for various applications requiring vascular regeneration, including the treatment of chronic wounds. Led by […]

Regenerating tooth enamel moves closer with stem-cell advance

From University of Washington School of Medicine/UW Medicine 17/08/23 Organoids have now been created from stem cells to secrete the proteins that form dental enamel, the substance that protects teeth from damage and decay. A multi-disciplinary team of scientists from the University of Washington in Seattle led this effort. “This is a critical first step […]

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