Perfecting 3D-printed blood vessels with pores

From Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH) 24/01/24 Due to the substantial clinical demand for artificial small-diameter vessels (SDVs), numerous commercial products have emerged. However, the majority of existing artificial SDVs lack an endothelial layer, leading to thrombosis. Fabricating artificial SDVs with a consistently uniform endothelial layer and adequate mechanical properties has proven exceptionally […]

Pushing the boundaries of ultrasound imaging: breaking new ground with ultrafast technology

From Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH) 23/01/24 Recently, high-speed video content capturing fleeting moments, such as bullets passing through glass, has captured people’s interest. What if we implement ultrasound used in medical examinations into high-speed video? A research team at POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology) has solved the mystery of kidney […]

MIT engineers design a robotic replica of the heart’s right chamber

From Massachusetts Institute of Technology 17/12/23 MIT engineers have developed a robotic replica of the heart’s right ventricle, which mimics the beating and blood-pumping action of live hearts. The robo-ventricle combines real heart tissue with synthetic, balloon-like artificial muscles that enable scientists to control the ventricle’s contractions while observing how its natural valves and other […]

Battery-free robots use origami to change shape in mid-air

From University of Washington 15/09/23 Researchers at the University of Washington have developed small robotic devices that can change how they move through the air by “snapping” into a folded position during their descent. When these “microfliers” are dropped from a drone, they use a Miura-ori origami fold to switch from tumbling and dispersing outward […]

Steel cork: MIT engineers use kirigami to make ultrastrong, lightweight structures for airplanes

From Massachusetts Institute of Technology 23/08/23 Cellular solids are materials composed of many cells that have been packed together, such as a honeycomb. The shape of those cells largely determines the material’s mechanical properties, including its stiffness or strength.  Bones, for instance, are filled with a natural material that enables them to be lightweight, but stiff and strong.  Inspired by […]

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