Mathematicians “thread the needle” to improve IVF success rates

From University of Warwick 19/11/23 Mathematicians are using their expertise to improve IVF success rates, according to a new study. A team of researchers have redesigned the needle used in IVF procedures, helping to increase the likelihood of having a baby through this treatment. The study, published in the Journal of Biomechanics, is a culmination […]

Tall buildings could be built quicker and more cheaply if damping models were correct

From University of Bristol 20/09/23 Multi-storey buildings are assembled over cautiously to withstand wind strengths, researchers have found. This is because there are several difficulties in estimating damping – the method of removing energy in order to control vibratory motion like noise and mechanical oscillation, accurately in high-rise buildings. The findings, published today in the […]

New heart simulator to improve treatment of cardiac diseases

From Politecnico di Milano 19/09/23 A mathematical and computational model of the human heart entirely developed at Politecnico di Milano and designed for studying coronary artery disease. This is the focus of research published in the prestigious journal Nature Scientific Reports, entitled ‘A comprehensive mathematical model for cardiac perfusion’. The project was born from collaboration […]