UC Irvine scientists make breakthrough in quantum materials research

From University of California – Irvine 09/02/24 Researchers at the University of California, Irvine and Los Alamos National Laboratory, publishing in the latest issue of Nature Communications, describe the discovery of a new method that transforms everyday materials like glass into materials scientists can use to make quantum computers. “The materials we made are substances […]

Next generation spinal fusion goes “meta”

From University of Pittsburgh 18/01/24 A civil engineer at the University of Pittsburgh is applying his expertise in bridges and infrastructure to develop new materials that better treat spinal injury, repair, and recovery. Amir Alavi’s proposal received a $557,000 boost from the National Institutes of Health to test the first “metamaterial” orthopedic implants. With an […]

MIT engineers design a robotic replica of the heart’s right chamber

From Massachusetts Institute of Technology 17/12/23 MIT engineers have developed a robotic replica of the heart’s right ventricle, which mimics the beating and blood-pumping action of live hearts. The robo-ventricle combines real heart tissue with synthetic, balloon-like artificial muscles that enable scientists to control the ventricle’s contractions while observing how its natural valves and other […]