Look mom, no hands! Honda develops UNI-ONE hands-free mobility device

From Superinnovators 03/11/23. This article is in TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) format which is popular in the innovation community and provides a bullet summary of information. More info https://global.honda/en/tech/Hands-free_seated_personal_mobility_device_UNI-ONE/ You may also be curious about:

Plasma technology transforms microalgae for faster wound healing

From Flinders University 21/10/23 Researchers at Flinders University have taken a major step in the field of wound care by using plasma technology to ‘transform’ Spirulina microalgae into ultrathin bioactive coatings. The innovative approach uses argon atmospheric plasma jet technology to transform Spirulina maxima, the blue-green microalgae, into bioactive coatings which can tackle bacterial infections […]

New heart simulator to improve treatment of cardiac diseases

From Politecnico di Milano 19/09/23 A mathematical and computational model of the human heart entirely developed at Politecnico di Milano and designed for studying coronary artery disease. This is the focus of research published in the prestigious journal Nature Scientific Reports, entitled ‘A comprehensive mathematical model for cardiac perfusion’. The project was born from collaboration […]

Implantable insulin mini-factory with living cells promises injection-free control of diabetes

From Massachusetts Institute of Technology 19/09/23 One promising approach to treating Type 1 diabetes is implanting pancreatic islet cells that can produce insulin when needed, which can free patients from giving themselves frequent insulin injections. However, one major obstacle to this approach is that once the cells are implanted, they eventually run out of oxygen […]

Plastic peril: The chemical in your tupperware disrupts pregnancy in mice

From University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 05/09/23 We are constantly exposed to phthalates in our environment through plastic products such as storage containers, medical devices, packages, fabrics, and toys. Specifically, di-isononyl phthalate is inevitably becoming a part of our lives. Unfortunately, the impact of DiNP on the establishment and maintenance of pregnancy is largely unknown. […]

AI spots brain disorders by listening to someone talk

From Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences 25/08/23 A research team led by Prof. LI Hai from Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) concluded their research in AI-powered language assessment for cognitive and motor disorders field in a series of paper recently. Acoustic and linguistic features in […]

Do digital hugs work?

From Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University 24/08/23 Research shows the way to cultivate meaningful social connections online At first glance, the term “digital hug” might seem paradoxical. After all, how does the physical act of embracing one another have anything to do with the digital world in which we are so […]

Longevity gene from naked mole rats extends lifespan of mice – humans are next

From University of Rochester 24/08/23 In a groundbreaking endeavor, researchers at the University of Rochester have successfully transferred a longevity gene from naked mole rats to mice, resulting in improved health and an extension of the mouse’s lifespan. Naked mole rats, known for their long lifespans and exceptional resistance to age-related diseases, have long captured […]