Electric Mercedes off-roader can do 360 tank-turn

From Superinnovators 12/02/24 Mercedes-Benz showcased a 360 tank-turning prototype of its electric G-class, called EQG, at CES last month, with a number of the vehicles pirouetting on the Las Vegas strip. Plans for an electric G-class were first revealed in 2021, with the ability to rotate within its footprint via four electric motors, dubbed G-turn, […]

Tiny electric bubble car expands distribution in Europe

From Superinnovators 28/12/23 Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems, founded in 1999, has expanded distribution of its tiny electric bubble car, Microlino, to the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Italy following the first deliveries to Switzerland in Oct 2022. The Microlino, unveiled at Geneva Motor Show in 2016, has 228km max. range, 90km/h top speed, weighs 496kg […]

Study on battery recycling shows China is in 1st place

From University of Münster 17/12/23 With the increase in the production of batteries for electric vehicles, demand is also rising for the necessary raw materials. In view of risks to the supply chain, environmental problems and precarious working conditions which are all associated with the mining and transportation of these materials, the recycling of battery […]

Mini electric SUV trike hill-start acceleration demo

From Superinnovators 22/11/23 US mini electric vehicle manufacturer ZEV demo’d the hill start acceleration in their 2023 SUV trike model T3-5d in video published in last month. The vehicle appears pretty nippy. It has a top speed of 41 mph, maximum range of 160 miles and prices start at $10,800. More info: https://www.zelectricvehicle.com/t3-5d-trike More info […]

Again and again: Novel electrolyte triples life-span of extreme fast-charging EV battery

From DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory 14/09/23 Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers are taking fast charging for electric vehicles, or EVs, to new extremes. A team of battery scientists recently developed a lithium-ion battery material that not only recharges 80% of its capacity in 10 minutes but keeps that ability for 1,500 charging cycles.  When a […]