Novel gene-editing tool overcomes drawbacks of CRISPR

Researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan have unveiled the spatial structure of a novel gene-editing tool, “prime editor,” promising more accurate gene therapy treatments without cutting both DNA strands like the CRISPR technique.

Ancient DNA reveals Down syndrome in past human societies

An international research team, by analyzing ancient DNA, has discovered cases of chromosomal disorders in prehistoric remains, including what may be the earliest identified case of Edwards syndrome, revealing how individuals with these conditions were valued in their ancient communities.

DNA’s memory lane: How historic trauma in Alaska native communities is passed on through epigenetics

From University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 09/09/23 Researchers investigated the relationship between historical traumatic events experienced by Alaska Native communities and epigenetic markers on genes that previous studies have linked to trauma. The new study found a similar pattern among Alaska Native participants, with specific epigenetic differences observed in those who reported experiencing the most […]

Engineered bacteria can detect tumor DNA

From University of California – San Diego 28/08/23 Pushing into a new chapter of technologically advanced biological sensors, scientists from the University of California San Diego and their colleagues in Australia have engineered bacteria that can detect the presence of tumor DNA in a live organism. Their innovation, which detected cancer in the colons of […]

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