Papertronics: Eco-friendly computer components made entirely of paper could tackle e-waste

From Binghamton University 29/08/23 Imagine if you could build an electronic device made entirely of paper. A nontoxic, cost-effective and biodegradable alternative to silicon- and plastic-based components would be a game-changer for a planet quickly filling up with the “e-waste” of discarded gadgets and single-use sensors.   That’s the vision of Binghamton University Professor Seokheun […]

Swiveling supermarket shelves boost productivity

From Superinnovators 22/08/23 In the dynamic world of retail, innovation often emerges from the simplest ideas. Enter the EasyFill merchandising system – a groundbreaking solution that streamlines the way products are displayed, restocked, and accessed on store shelves. In just three easy steps – Rotate the section 180°, Fill from the back, Rotate the section […]

ChatGPT tests in top 1% for original creative thinking

From THE UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA 06/07/2023 New research from the University of Montana and its partners suggests artificial intelligence can match the top 1% of human thinkers on a standard test for creativity. The study was directed by Dr. Erik Guzik, an assistant clinical professor in UM’s College of Business. He and his partners used the […]

Player bodycams give football fans unique view

By Charles Carter, 18/10/22 FC Koln and MindFly gave fans access to highlights from bodycams worn by two players during a friendly match against AC Milan in July this year. MindFly believes the unique footage is part of the future of live football and sport in general as it puts them right at the heart […]

Giant whoopee cushion wave energy system

By Charles Carter, 17/10/22 Australian startup Bombora has developed a pneumatic wave energy system called mWave comprising a series of giant whoopee cushion-like air sacs deployed under water. They say their approach is less complex than other wave energy converters reducing cost and wave energy is more predictable than wind and solar. The company began […]

Burrowing bot mimics Pacific mole crab

By Charles Carter, 14/10/22 Engineers from the University of California, Berkeley have built a small bot that mimics the burrowing of the Pacific mole crab. The approach could be used in the future to build burrowing bots to explore, dig down and provide dynamic tethers for spacecraft on The Moon and other planets. The findings […]

Live neurons on chip learn to play Pong

By Charles Carter, 13/10/22 Live human and mouse neurons integrated with a silicon electrode array in a petri dish have learned to play the video game Pong. The DishBrain innovation comes from Australian startup Cortical Labs with their findings recently published in the journal Neuron. How does it work? Embryonic mouse or human brain cells […]

SpinLaunch tests NASA and Airbus payloads

By Charles Carter, 12/10/22 US startup SpinLaunch has tested NASA, Airbus, Cornell University and Outpost payloads in the latest flight of their 10,000G electric powered centrifuge launch system. This was the tenth flight test of their 200kg-class satellite launcher, taking place on 27th September, although it was first time partner payloads have been mounted to […]