Compact pneumatic post driver

From Superinnovators 07/02/24 US-based Rohrer Manufacturing created the Man Saver Post Driver in 1997, a patented, pneumatic air-powered tool designed to efficiently drive metal fence posts. The automation device significantly reduces installation time and physical strain and represents a practical solution for fence post installation on farms and highways. Priced at £471 ($595) for the […]

Sugarcrete: New building material from sugarcane waste

From Superinnovators 07/02/24 The University of East London, Grimshaw architects and Tate & Lyle Sugars revealed Sugarcrete in 2023, a construction material from sugarcane bio-waste, bagasse. Meeting industry standards for compressive strength and fire-resistance, prototype testing suggests the material can offer an alternative to concrete, but with 20 times lower carbon emissions. Sugarcrete is five […]

China builds 26-story modular tower in 5 days

From Superinnovators 30/01/24 Chinese company Broad Sustainable Building (f. 2009) completed the modular construction of a 15,000m² 26-story residential tower in Xiangyin on 11th Jan 2024, taking just five days. Broad’s method, called Holon Building, involves prefabricating stainless steel, shipping container-sized building sections in a factory and assembling them on site. Their approach reduces costs […]

Pivoting wheelbarrow handles for easier dumping

From Superinnovators 29/01/24 US company Pivot-All Motion Tools unveiled the ergonomic Pivot-All wheelbarrow at the World of Concrete 2024 event in Las Vegas last week. It features patented pivoting handles designed to improve user balance and comfort by allowing use of the same grip during transport and unloading, rather than having to awkwardly switch to […]

Wooden ‘LEGO block’ building technique

From Superinnovators 10/01/24 Belgian startup Gablok, founded in 2019, has developed a self-build timber-frame construction method that includes stacking 7kg modular wooden blocks containing insulation, reminiscent of LEGO. Their flat-pack kit allows you to build the floors and exterior/interior walls of your timber house but does not include the roofing and exterior finishing (plaster, brick, […]

Exoskeleton tool balancer makes light work of wall-breaking

From Superinnovators 03/11/23. This article is in TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) format which is popular in the innovation community and provides a bullet summary of information. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Travis Collins (@toolsbydesign) More info You may also be curious about:

Eco-friendly bamboo has mainstream construction potential after researchers make break through

From University of Bristol 23/10/23 Scientists at the University of Bristol have successfully used screws as connectors in bamboo without splitting the material. The study, recently published in the journal Construction and Building Materials, proposes a safe yet efficient prediction model for a simple connection method for bamboo, which is commonly used in wooden structures. […]