Can you feel the carbon in the air tonight? Carbon capture method plucks CO2 straight from the air

CO2 in the blue sky in the shape of the symbols.

From Northwestern University 06/10/23 Even as the world slowly begins to decarbonize industrial processes, achieving lower concentrations of atmospheric carbon requires technologies that remove existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere — rather than just prevent the creation of it. Typical carbon capture catches CO2 directly from the source of a carbon-intensive process. Ambient carbon capture, […]

Novel carbon capture: Microbe enzyme-coated electrode sucks in gas

Scientists isolate a microbial enzyme and branch it on an electrode to efficiently and unidirectionally convert CO2 to formate From Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology 04/10/23 Seeking microorganisms that efficiently capture the greenhouse gas CO2. “The enzymes employed by the microorganisms represent a fantastic playground for scientists as they allow highly specific reactions at […]

New low-energy carbon capture system for industrial emissions

From American Chemical Society 01/09/23 Carbon capture is a promising method to help slow climate change. With this approach, carbon dioxide (CO­­2) is trapped before it escapes into the atmosphere, but the process requires a large amount of energy and equipment. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Central Science have designed a capture system using an electrochemical cell […]

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