Cancer-killing nanobots use hidden weapon

Images of the DNA nanorobot taken with using cryogenic electron microscope (cryo-EM micrograph). Credit: 2024 Wang, Y./Nature Nanotechnology.

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have developed DNA nanorobots that specifically target and kill cancer cells in mice, showing a 70% reduction in tumour growth.

Nanosurgical tool could be key to cancer breakthrough

A groundbreaking study by the University of Leeds has introduced a novel double-barrel nanopipette technology that offers unprecedented insights into how individual cancer cells respond to treatments, potentially revolutionising the development of more effective cancer therapies.

Engineered bacteria paint targets on tumors for cancer-killing T cells to see

From Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science 03/11/23 For several years, researchers have been successfully using chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells to target specific antigens found on blood cells as a cure for patients with leukemia and lymphoma. But solid tumors, like breast and colon cancers, have proven to be more difficult […]

Tumor-destroying sound waves receive FDA approval for liver treatment in humans

From University of Michigan19/10/23 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of sound waves to break down tumors—a technique called histotripsy—in humans for liver treatment. Pioneered at the University of Michigan, histotripsy offers a promising alternative to cancer treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, which often have significant side effects. FDA […]

Global surge in cancers among the under 50s over past three decades

New cases have risen 79%, overall, with fastest rise in windpipe and prostate cancers; heaviest death toll for cancers of breast, windpipe, lung, bowel, and stomach. From BMJ 08/09/23 There’s been a striking 79% increase in new cases of cancer among the under 50s around the world over the past three decades (1990-2019), finds research […]

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